Frequently Asked Questions

January 02, 2010

How do I install this extension?

  • For Mozilla and Firefox, simply click on the install link on the main page and wait for the install dialog to appear. Please be patient waiting for the dialog as it may take up to a minute.
  • For Thunderbird right click the Install link and chose "Save link as" to save the XPI file to your computer. Then open the extension dialog in thunderbird, click the install button and select the xpi file that you just downloaded from the file selection dialog

How do I use this extension?

See the image zoom walkthrough.

How does this extension work?

This extension simply modifies the CSS height and width properties of an image within a HTML page and provides the interface to perform these modifications.

Why doesn't it work with background images?

Zooming background images is functionally different from zooming regular images. I have not investigated what is required to do this yet.

I think I found a bug. What should I do?

You can report any issues on github

How do I uninstall Image Zoom?

How to uninstall Image Zoom is the same as uninstalling any other extension and depends on which application you are using

Firefox 0.9+ / Thunderbird 0.7+
  • Open the extensions dialog box by clicking Tools->Extensions from the Menu
  • Select the extension you wish to uninstall and then click the "Uninstall" button
  • Restart the application
Mozilla & all previous version of Firefox / Thunderbird

Since there is no built in way of uninstalling extensions in these applications, I recommend that you use the Extension Uninstaller extension to uninstall extensions from these applications

How can I run firefox in safe mode to disable a roque extension?

In the Program Group the Firefox installer created in your Start menu you will find an item called, "Firefox (Safe Mode)" - if you run into problems, such as the browser not starting, performance being degraded, etc, try running by using this shortcut instead of your usual one, if things improve try uninstalling the last Extension(s) you installed.

If you did not install the Start Menu Program Group, or you're on Linux, start Firefox with the -safe-mode command line switch:

Windows: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -safe-mode
Linux: ./firefox -safe-mode

Mac OS X users should do the following: cd ./firefox-bin -safe-mode

When run in Safe Mode, Firefox disables all Extensions and reverts to the Default Theme.

Taken from By Ben Goodger.